Travel News » Louvre In Abu Dhabi, 2017

Louvre In Abu Dhabi, 2017

Abu Dhabi will open its much awaited Louvre Museum this year. With more than 600 artworks from different cultures and periods already, Louvre Abu Dhabi's permanent collections span millennia, mediums and civilisations, emphasising exchange and the shared human experience. The twelve sequences proceed chronologically with different civilisations developing in parallel, while the 300 masterpieces on loan from 13 key French institutions will rotate throughout the year, refreshing the journey inside the galleries. Louvre Abu Dhabi will also feature works specially commissioned by renowned, international, contemporary artists, and exhibit them in the outdoor areas and plazas of the museum. Apart from the Museum Galleries, visitors may also reflect within the promenades or explore outstanding temporary exhibitions in a dedicated space, a children’s museum, auditorium, cafê, restaurant, and museum shops.