Travel News » Indians can now travel on tourist visa to Germany, France, UK & UAE

Indians can now travel on tourist visa to Germany, France, UK & UAE

In May, DGCA along with government of India launched flights under Vande Bharat Mission on Air India to evacuate Indians stranded globally. Only those passengers who are holding nationality of destination country were allowed to travel on this flight, or student holding valid study visa. Travel on tourist / visitor visa was prohibited on these flights. After success of Vande Bharat Mission now DGCA has establish AIR BUBBLE with some airlines and countries enabling passengers to travel on valid tourist or visitor visa. Currently passenger from India can travel to Germany, France, UK and Dubai. All this countries have their respective term & regulation of Quarantine. In regards to UK, On arrival on HEATHROW airport, as currently this the only operational airport of London, Covid test will be conducted at the airport and if report is negative then passenger has to home / hotel quarantine themselves for 14 days or have to go under medical process in case of positive report. Similar process is carried at Germany airport as well. With regards to France quarantine duration is of 10 days depending on Covid report. In case of Dubai Covid test will be carried out at the airport, passenger is supposed to isolate him/herself for 24 hours. If the report is negative passenger can step out in the city after 24 hours, in case the report is positive then he has to full fill medical requirements along with 14 days quarantine. While travelling to Dubai it is mandatory to carry valid PCR test report. Only those reports which are authorized by Covid testing Labs listed by Indian government are valid at Dubai Airport. Whereas for other countries even if passenger fails to carry PCR test report, he is allowed to travel as Covid test will be carried at the airport on arrival. For Dubai, passenger can obtained their visa before travel or they can also opt for visa on arrival. Slowly and steadily it is foreseen that air travel will resume back to normalcy with required precautions.