Travel News » World’s Largest Hotel to open in 2017

World’s Largest Hotel to open in 2017

Mecca the holiest city for Islam will soon have the largest hotel to offer for its visitors. The Abraj Kudai hotel promised to be the largest hotel of the world is under construction in the desert valley of Saudi. Probably Abraj Kudai Hotel will be open to public by early 2017. This Hotel consist of 10,000 rooms, 12 towers of 45 floors each, 70 restaurants & 5 helipads which defines grandeur to its best. It will also have a shopping mall, bus station, ballroom & a convention centre. Abraj Kudai will be the largest in the world in terms of numbers of rooms, covering area of 15 million sq. ft., and tallest tower consisting of largest dome. This hotel will cost around USD 3.5 billion to build. This hotel will have one entire floor dedicated to corporate guest with full size convention centre. Also 5 floors will be reserved for royal families of Saudi, possessing all the luxury in the world. 10 Towers will serve 4 star category services whereas 2 tower will be of 5 Star category. Areen Hospitality has taken charge to construct & design the interior of this building. Once completed, Abraj Kudai Hotel will overtake First World Hotel in Malaysia which is currently the world’s largest hotel with 7, 351 rooms.