Travel News » World’s Longest Tunnel now open for Service – Switzerland

World’s Longest Tunnel now open for Service – Switzerland

The world longest & deepest tunnel is now open in Switzerland. This rail tunnel opened on this Sunday for public service. GBT almost took 2 decades and INR 796000 crore to get build. The 57 km long Tunnel (35 – mile) was built to provide high speed rail link under the Swiss Alps between Northern & Southern Europe. The completed tunnel travels up to 2.3 km below the surface of the mountains above and through rock that reaches temperatures of 46C.The tunnel's course is flat and straight instead of winding up through the mountains like the old rail tunnel. About 260 freight trains and 65 passenger trains will pass through the tunnel each day in a journey taking as little as 17 minutes. The train journey time will be cut down by an hour or two to 40 minutes from Zurich to Milan. GBT has over taken Japan’s 53.9km Seikan rail tunnel as the longest in the world and pushed the 50.5km Channel Tunnel linking the UK and France into third place.